Loan on hand up to CZK 80,000 online

The hand loan is now under the strict supervision of the CNB

The hand loan is now under the strict supervision of the CNB

The hand loan, usually subject to high interest and APR, is now under the strict supervision of the CNB. In connection with the new statutory regulation, non-bank lenders who used only ┼ŻL were considerably reduced. However, the CNB will continue to issue licenses, so moneylenders may still appear.

It always depends on the client who will trust. Creditorte loan, also known as the short-term Finnish loan, which came to the Czech market in 2005 thanks to Creditorte Czech, is one of the proven products. It then acquired a banking license – as the first non-bank provider of loans in the Czech Republic.

Loan variants from the world-famous Creditorte Bank

Loan variants from the world-famous Creditorte Bank

Creditorte Micro loan is available to all those interested from 19 to 85 years of age with a good credit history starting at CZK 500 (up to CZK 20,000), plus the first free one.

Creditorte Bank also offers other modern loans: Creditorte Credit as an overdraft facility (also free of charge for the first time). This loan with a pre-approved limit of CZK 2,500 to CZK 80,000 is now in great demand. The advantage is that you do not need to arrange a current account with Creditorte Bank for it. You manage your Creditorte Credit yourself – borrow loans as needed and without repeated requests.

Compared to Micro loans, you will save up to 33% and have other benefits available – flexible monthly payments, a choice of repayment period or payment holiday up to twice a year. Only daily interest is paid (0.2833%) and the fee for drawing the amount (12.5%) – according to a clear schedule.

The end of gray theory, here are people’s experiences

The end of gray theory, here are people

The Creditorte loan helped, for example, Olga, who needed money to pay for the trip. With only a few seats left, she had to pay the travel agent immediately. She said: “I contacted Creditorte and borrowed CZK 4,000 for 22 days. Because it was the first time I had a loan without interest. ”

Ms. Marcela describes: “Previously, a hand loan helped our household. Today we have a Creditorte Credit 50 000 CZK as a financial reserve. We’re repairing the house, and that’s still some spending. After paying out, we usually settle the debt immediately so that it does not grow. We can handle what we can at Creditorte Bank via sms. Service works 24 hours a day and is very fast. ”

“ Very good… Try it! You can arrange everything over the Internet, you don’t have to go anywhere to invite home agents, ” Mr. Jakub recommends.

Creditorte Credit versus loan immediately in cash on hand

Creditorte Credit versus loan immediately in cash on hand

In addition, Creditorte Credit also works as a repeat loan before a payout without a registry. For the responsible clients, Creditorte Bank is no longer required to verify the registers and all processing is even faster. In an emergency before paying, you need a quick online application – and you already have money in your current account. This system combines the benefits that the loan has on hand, but is backed by the international banking institution.

“The friendliness, willingness and respectfulness I have not experienced with any company yet,” said Creditorte Bank at the service when negotiating their loan before Mrs. Eliška was paid.

Fast Creditorte loan up to 80,000 CZK for the first time for free

Fast Creditorte loan up to 80,000 CZK for the first time for free

In addition, new clients can borrow up to CZK 80,000 without a subscription fee and zero interest for up to 30 days. That is, how much money you borrow, you return so much to the bank as you have agreed. For example, in case of a loan of CZK 25,000, send CZK 25,000 back in 30 days. Only on the 31st day will you start counting daily interest (set individually according to the Bank’s internal criteria ranging from 0.1890% to 0.3941%).

Creditorte Credit loans immediately on hand – that is, the account from which it immediately withdraws from the nearby ATM – also welcomes Jana. She said: “Sometimes a few thousand are missing at home before payday. So we searched the internet for which credit would be best for us, and Creditorte Bank’s offer fell to us. Good references have convinced us and we have made Creditorte Credit really easy. The first loan did not wait long. My husband wanted a new television to enjoy the world hockey championship. We borrowed CZK 17,000 and returned the same amount in 28 days because we had our first free loan as new clients. We will definitely turn to Creditorte Bank again. It fits us fairly to send money immediately to your account and without proof of income. “

Creditorte Online Bank Loans – Immediately and Nonstop!

Creditorte Online Bank Loans - Immediately and Nonstop!

A quick loan on hand can be an occasional good solution among friends, but use Creditorte Bank for discreet repetitive loans. If you are not yet her clients, be sure to go to the First Time Without Interest event.

Creditorte Bank operates 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day. So you don’t have to look at your lender’s working time or accessibility. When you turn to Creditorte Bank, you can settle loans and everything around them from the comfort of your home, at any time of day or night, via PC or mobile.

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