Personal loan without proof, credit simulation

Identity document, proof of address, family situation, pay slips, tax notices, credits in progress, investments and contributions… The justifications to be provided when one wishes to contract a credit are often very numerous.

Depending on the situation of each, it is not always possible to meet this demand issued by the lending institutions..

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What are personal loans without receipts?

What are personal loans without receipts?

When you want to finance a personal project to deal with an unexpected expense or to cover a debt, the personal loan is often an option to obtain a simple and fast cash amount to meet your financial needs.

Many institutions will then ask you to justify your request (with the submission of a quote for example) and to prove your solvency by providing various supporting documents before granting a personal loan. However, certain formulas of credits make it possible to do without this formality:

The revolving credit

The revolving credit is a credit that can be easily obtained without proof of income. It is based on a simple principle. A certain amount of money is put at your disposal in a specific account where you can draw in when you need it. Only then will you start paying your monthly payments (which include a very high interest rate).

If you do not spend this money, no monthly payments will be taken and the funds will remain dormant on your dedicated account. Once the monthly payments are refunded, the total amount of the sum will be available again on your account and you will be able to dispose of it again. What’s more, you will be able to get a specific credit card for this account.

The unallocated personal loan

The unallocated personal loan does not systematically require supporting documentation depending on the amount borrowed. This type of loan, as its name suggests, is not allocated to a particular expense. It can help you finance the purchase of a car, work or a trip. You are free to spend the amount borrowed as you see fit without having to justify to your lender. Its rate will be more interesting than the revolving credit, but once the money has been spent and the credit has been repaid, the agreement will be completed.

Provide guarantees to facilitate your loan application

Provide guarantees to facilitate your loan application

It is important to note that, whatever the personal loan formula you have chosen, if the amount you want is less than € 3,000 no proof can be requested by your lender. On the other hand, if the amount requested is higher, certain guarantees will be required by most banks.

Personal credit: simulation

Personal credit: simulation

It is now possible to apply for a personal credit online or to simulate online credit without proof. Indeed, most financial players offer loan offers on their websites.

Thus, after having done your personal credit simulation online, a response in principle is offered in a few minutes. This does not mean that receipts will not be required, but they will often be less important for a consumer loan than for a mortgage for example.

In addition, when you are in a critical situation or time is running out, it will sometimes be difficult for you to correctly think about your project and really take into account all the issues involved in applying for a personal loan. The simulation of a personal credit will already be a good way to get an overview of the rates prevailing on the market depending on the chosen terms (duration and amount of monthly payments), but we must know how to keep a cool head so as not to errors.

Take precautions and time for reflection before applying for credit online

Take precautions and time for reflection before applying for credit online

Subscribing to a personal loan online without credentials seems convenient, easy and fast. This solution can allow many households to realize a small project or to face a blow. However, the fact of not justifying its purchase or its repayment capacity may entail certain risks, notably with the various revolving loans offered online by lending institutions and banks.

The revolving credit is notably known to be a risky financial source. Indeed, the temptation to draw on funds made available is often very strong. The risk of never paying off credit and ending up with exorbitant interest rates to repay is real.

However, faced with a miscalculation of your ability to repay and if you are experiencing financial difficulties, you will still be able to make a simulation of online credit redemption on our website to consolidate your outstanding loans in one monthly payment. For more information on the redemption of credit, find the different stages of a grouping of credits.

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